Membership fee and Ethics code for musicians

Membership fee

Membership fees should be paid before the end of the first month of each session.

90$ per session – regular

45$ per session – student

The 2016-2017 season includes three sessions:

1- September to December 2016 – concerts 1 and 2

2- January to April 2017 – concert 3

3 – May to June 2017 – concert 4

New members: The first session is half price.

Ethics code for OSI musicians

In order to have even more fun rehearsing and to improve the sound of the orchestra, the musicians of the OSI agree to the following:


  • Attend all rehearsals, regular and intensive, except in cases of force majeure,
  • Prepare for rehearsals according to the agenda,
  • Focus personal practice and musical performance as requested by the conductor and following the advice of the head of section,
  • Notify as soon as possible of an absence by sending an email or SMS to the head of section and the conductor,
  • Check the messages that can be sent regarding rehearsals and in particular the schedule,
  • Arrive early so that rehearsals can start on time,
  • Come to rehearsals with the parts in the agenda; if a part is missing, notify the head of section before the rehearsal,
  • Remain silent during tuning,
  • Pay attention when the conductor addresses the musicians and take notes regarding musical interpretation requests,
  • Respect the time for breaks,
  • In case you are late, take your seat when the orchestra is not playing so that the other musicians can stay focused.

General rehearsals and concerts:

  • Attend general rehearsals, soundchecks and concerts,
  • Dress code: women in black (long skirt or pants); men in black suits and white shirts,
  • Promote concerts.